The small village of Cairano ( AV ) dominates a landscape mostly characterized by wheat cultivation, a succession of round hills with the monotony seasonal color, brown in the fall, green in the winter, green-yellow in the spring and deep yellow in summer with few rade niches of wood and more rarely vineyard. The monotony of the landscape coincides with the monotony of the work in the field, for this reason it was important to produce big quantity of wine.
The wine was the constant companion in the hard work of the soil, wine was at the same time the high energy aliment providing the strength to carry on the long days of work and a moderate drug to relieve the mechanical monotony of working in the fields, to warm up in the freeze of the winter and to refresh in summer time. At night when the farmer meets and in the festive recurrences the wine by the single producers were compared, criticized, discussed. In few words in the farmer’s world the wine was a sharing tool.
In the village was build a wine district, a big area looking to the north mountains, close to the residential building, hosts 77 hypogean cellars on three overlapping rows. This area was totally dedicated to wine making, all the entrances were build to not allow anytime in the year the sun inside the building and with a big sense of temperature management the second floor of the entrance room in most of the hypogean cellars was filled with straw to provide downstair a constant temperature.
The culture of wine was in the past a culture of sharing and a pagan rite connect with the season and the rhythm of the earth, it was clearly connected with the Dioniso rites.
On these basis the project of Fabrica del Vino in Cairano intend to re-use the hypogean cellars as a permanent workshop of creativity that involves everything around the wine. We have already involved ceramists and artists to create the jar where making and aging the wine, mechanics to create machinery using manpower instead electricity, artists to create new bottles and labels and boxes with innovative shapes. The wine district in Cairano is emerging to a new life, the wine will be made here without electrical power to avoid the unnatural electromagnetic influence in the fermentation and storage, will be made in a living cellar with breathing walls carrying all the benefit of global life into the process and into the wines. But wine here will be overall a good sharing of talents and energy from all over, young and mature, artists, poets, enologist and wine lovers, mental distress people, housewives, a joyful babylon gives life to every step re-designing the wine as a good sharing. The grapes will be provided by organic growers from all the rural areas of Campania and some from Calabria, Puglia and Basilicata to build a net of solidarity and hope, the wines will be bought by a bigger community all over the world to build a net of joy, the bottles will be shared in art galleries and museums to build the net of beauty. The three nets will meet each year all together during the two months of the winemaking in Cairano to celebrate the life and the creative flow.
The first 2019 harvest will process 4 and 1/2 tons of grapes mostly from Campania, Massimo Alois will provide 1/2 ton of Pallagrello and 1/2 ton of Casavecchia from Caserta,Vincenzo Aita will provide 1 ton of Aglianico from Campagna, Vigneti Tardis 1/2 ton of Primitivo from Acciaroli, Luigi Reale from Tramonti 1/2 ton of Tintore from Tramonti, Persico Unlimited 1/2 ton of Guarnaccia from Arena Bianca, Morigerati srl 1/2 ton of Fiano from Morigerati, Antonello Canonico 1/2 ton of Mantonico from San Marco Argentano ( Calabria ), possibly some more grape will be provided from Taurasi and Lapio. We want to build a base team of 2 or 3 person that will be in charge for the entire harvest ( September and October ) time by time 2 or 3 other person will join the team for new creativity and energy. Other people will be involved for the further step of wine making, hopefully until November then in March, April, May, June for one week each month or tiny bit more. Part of the job will be to share all the creation process and the physical work in the cellar to the network of supporters we want to create all over the world, supporters who under their decision may come to work winemaking, designing the tools or the packaging, bottling, building, cleaning, preparing the cellars to host the wine. Everybody will contribute according with his skill, desire and possibility, what is really needed is creativity and positive energy, there is no design of the wine apart we will not use biotechnology, yeasts, bacterias, we want to make healty, beautiful wines everybody will proudly share as part of his sensibility, feeling, vision.